How to take a screenshot on a pc

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Taking screenshots on a PC is simple, and there are few ways to do it using a Windows Operating system. Here, you see how to take a screenshot on a PC.

In most versions of Windows simply hitting the print screen (PrtScn) key here will do the trick. The image is now on your clipboard, ready to paste into paint or other imaging programs. If you want to capture just one open window pane on your screen, select that window, then hold Alt and press Print Screen.

How To Take A Screenshot On A Pc

In Windows 8, pushing and holding the Windows key and then pressing the Print Screen key will put a capture of your entire screen in your screenshots folder.

In this article, we explain the methods to capture screenshots in windows using screenshot tools and keyboard shortcuts keys.

1- Take a screenshot on a PC using the keyboard shortcuts key

Here, you see how the keyboard shortcuts key makes our work easier to do in less time. On your Windows 10 laptops and computers, you see six different screen capture commands that help you with taking screenshots on the computer.

  1. Print Screen (PrtScn)
  2. Win + Print Screen
  3. Win + Shift + S
  4. Alt + Print Screen
  5. Win + G
  6. Win + Alt + Print Screen

Print Screen (PrtScn), Alt + Print Screen, and Win + Shift + S command does not save images to your screenshots folder. This command sends your capture image to your clipboard. To save an image, you need to open any document editor app and paste the screenshots using the Ctrl +V key.

When you need to take a screenshot on your PC, simply press this command and paste it into MS word or any other document editor apps.

Win + Print Screen and Win + Alt + Print Screen command automatically save your screenshots to your PC screenshots folder.

Win + G command open the Xbox Game Bar. Click on the Capture button and click again on the Camera icon to capture and save your pictures on the screenshot folder.

How to save a screenshot capture on a Windows computer

  1. Open MS Word or MS Paint app. Open MS Paint to save a screenshot image
  2. Click in the editing area and press Ctrl + V key to paste the screenshot on your PC.
  3. Again, press Ctrl + S to save your image on your folder where you want.Save as in paint

2- Take a screenshot on Windows PC using the snipping tool

Here, you see how to take a screenshot on a Windows computer using the snipping tool.

In Windows 10, the Snipping tool is an in-built screenshot capture tool where you can take capture the selected screen image of your choice.

How to Use the Windows Snipping Tool for Your Screenshots

Snipping Tool is the best choice for taking a screenshot on a desktop screen for a selective area you want to capture.

  1. Open Snipping Tool.
  2. Click the New option in the Snipping Tool window.
  3. Select an area on your desktop screen that you want to capture.
  4. Press Ctrl + V to save your screenshot.
  5. Type your file name and select file types.
  6. Click Save.

Note: Snipping Tool is moving on next future updates of Windows 10. You will see Snip & Sketch tool for taking a screenshot.

3- Taking a screenshot on a PC using Snip & Sketch tool-

Snip & Sketch Tool is a newer version of the Snipping Tool that is designed by Microsoft. In a future update of Microsoft Windows 10, Snipping Tool is replaced by Snip & Sketch tool. So, this is important to know how Snip & Sketch Tool works on Windows 10 PC.

Windows 10 Snip & Sketch

You can open this tool directly from Program lists using Start on your Windows PC. But when you press the Windows logo key + Shift + S, the Snip & Sketch Tool automatically open your computer. In other words, this shortcut key helps you to directly lunch Snip & Sketch on your PC.

Here, you see the steps to taking a screenshot on a PC-

  1. Open the Snip & Sketch Tool.
  2. Click New.
  3. Next, you see the four types of Snips options on your screen.
  4. Rectangular Snip
  5. Free Form Snip
  6. Window Snip
  7. Full-Screen Snip
  8. Choose any one of them that you want to use for taking a screenshot.
  9. Select the area that you want to capture on your desktop screen.
  10. Click Save or press Ctrl + V key to save your picture.


In this article, we’ve listed the steps and methods to take a screenshot on a Windows PC. Usually, on Windows 10 laptops and computers, there’re three quick ways to capture a screen. You can use shortcut keys, Snipping Tool, and Snip & Sketch Tool to take a screenshot of your desktop screen stuff. We hoping that the article might found useful for you.

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